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About me

In a nutshell..

Started coding at the age of 11(I am now 28!), development has always been something that sparked my interest, however, it took me a few different career paths until I finally realized this is exactly what I wanted to be doing. Long story short: I came across Magento (back in 2011) initially as a merchant, while I was looking for the best piece of Open Source software available that would suit my needs as a store owner, and I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

I realized I loved the development process more than the store owner part, but the fact that I could actually also do this 'programming thing' for a living still hadn't hit me by that time. Fast forward a few years; I was working as a teacher in the south of Spain, and I felt like something was missing, I needed more.
During a skypesession with my family, my dad (a software engineer himself) mentioned it to me. "Why don't you become a programmer?" He said. "That seems to be something you always enjoy." < My Oprah 'a - ha moment' > Fast forward another few months, I moved back to Holland and started as a Junior Magento developer for the first time, it's safe to say that more is what I got! If you want to read more about me be sure to read this interview with Cloudways here, or my most recent one with Magenticians here. And here's me talking to Kalen Jordan of Commercehero and Magetalk about My career and Meet Magento the Netherlands

I now spend my days solving Magento puzzles and building cool e-commerce stuff all day, full time freelance and based in the Amsterdam area.

I absolutely love finding the perfect fit for different clients, as every client is unique and has different needs. I try to combine the complex tech/code side with being human, so I always make sure I translate the 'code language'(pun intended) to something non-developers can understand, and put a strong focus on the business side of things.

Some of my daily tasks include: Magento frontend development, Extension implementation/installation, Magento consulting, Backend development, Magento 1 to 2 migration, SEO optimization, to name a few. If there's anything I can help you or your business with, be sure to shoot me an email!

Things I do/enjoy


If you hadn't noticed already..

Staying healthy & fit

Daily workouts, the outdoors, and eating healthy nutritious food.

My pets

My three rescue/adopted pals, two dogs named Charlie & Bob and a cat named Sushi


Reading and learning about new things

Some of my Work

A collection of projects I've worked on. To be updated with more info soon!

Whispbar for Headline Interactive
Variety of Cannabis
Krasloten for BoldCommerce
Veloretti for BoldCommerce
Royaums Outletstore
Royaums Outletstore


Including but not limited to:

SEO optimization

Making sure your webshop is SEO friendly, ready to grow to its' full potential

Development/bug fixing

Whether it's building a store from scratch or solving an existing problem, I love to get my hands dirty


I believe e-commerce development is about partnership, strong communication and finding simple solutions for (seemingly) difficult problems.

If you are interested in working with me, need help on an existing project, or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Contact me

PS. I'm also really passionate about the topic of 'women in tech/programming'. If you're interested in having me speak at your event or give a coding class I'd love to discuss options!

+31 645686708